I arrived to Puttgarden late in the evening. It was dark outside and I needed to find a place to tent quite soon. After biking a couple of kilometers I found a rest area just between the highway and my smaller road. It was not a perfect place, but at least the lawn was cut and I was hidden by bushes except from one direction.

I had about 120 km to bike for two days until the reunion for participants from Kelly Bryson’s Tribal Technologies workshop. Because of this and because it was raining in the morning, I spent the morning in the tent and took off first early afternoon.

The bridge from the island where Puttgarden is located to German mainland was an adventure in itself. When I came up to the bridge I saw som bikers taking protection behind the fundament of the bridge. It was blowing very hard and it was almost impossible for me to cross the bridge.

The next day I arrived to Halloh outside Großenaspe north of Hamburg. Google maps has showed me some tricky roads, but this route receive the first price in tricky paths. A couple of kilometers before my destination I was supposed to take a way through the woods. It was a road full of high grass and other plants. I could barely bike my way forward. And as a final the last 100 meters consisted of tree plants one meter in height. I managed to push myself forward and then I had arrived at my destination.

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