Together is more fun

Join me

I’m trying to live my life in awareness that we are all interconnected and dependent on each other. This project is not an exception to that. My dream is to realise this project together with other people who are passionate about changing the world for the better. I’m looking for partners to be able to successfully accomplish this project. I’m looking both for individuals and organizations who are eager to support me on my way through Europe.

Different ways to be part of this project

NVC Workshops

On my way I want to offer workshops and lectures about Nonviolent Communication. Would you like to organize it in your town?

Food or place to sleep

If you live close by, maybe you would like to host me for a night or offer me a lunch or dinner? We would have opportunity to talk and exchange our experiences.


Project promotion

Through this project I want to reach as many people as I can. Maybe you can support me by contacting local media or promoting this trip in another way?

Walk or bike with me

If you like challenges as much as I do, you might want to join me for some hours or days to bike or walk together. Just let me know when to expect you!

Sponsor my trip

Would you like to support me and at the same time make your product or service visible in a context of communication and sustainability? Please contact me.

Interested? Let me know!

If you want to support me or join me across Europe, use the contact form below or write me en e-mail to:

    Organize a workshopOffer a place to sleepOffer something to eatJoin a part of the way biking or hikingContact local media to promote the projectOffer donation: PayPal, for Swedes: Swish (I will contact you)Offer other kind of support

    I agree with the processing of my personal data in order to contact me about this project.

    How to support me

    During my NVCtrip through Europe I would need to take a break now and then. Please support me if you want to contribute to a cup of coffee or if you think I have had too many nights in a tent you might want to put me into a spa or in a bed in a five star hotel? Use PayPal and Swish (for Swedes): 070 770 66 21.