After spending some days with the Tribal Technologies gang it was time for me to move on. Before I biked away I needed to mend the windows of my tent. Within 24 hours both of the windows had started to disconnect from the rest of the tent. I glued the windows in the morning, but it took longer for the glue to dry than I had anticipated. I had to protect the tent to get caught in the glue with paper. There are still signs of the paper around the windows. 

My next stop was Hamburg. The distance was just over 50 km and the ride went very fast. In Hamburg I was able to sleep in Annelie’s apartment. Later we also met at the NVC festival. Such a nice stay with among other treats a really good cup of coffee with warm foamed milk.

Next day’s goal was to take me half way to Peine where I was supposed to sleep the day after. After spending the night in my tent I headed towards Peine. After a while I noticed that I was quite alert and had a lot of energy. So I decided to continue towards my next destination, a friend’s house south of Göttingen. It was a long ride, 185 km, and I arrived in the middle of the night, at 01:30.

Next morning I slept long and took good time to eat a couple of meals and rest before continuing my biking. During the two remaining days until I arrived to the European NVC summer festival outside Frankfurt exposed me to some challenges. Google maps continued to suggest roads not really aimed for biking. At one point I had to cross an electric fence twice. It also got really hilly, and I saw it as good preparation for the Massif Central later on.

The last meters before arriving to the festival I had to drag my bike and trailer through nettles and black berry bushes. It was really nice to be saluted and hugged by old friends when I finally arrived.

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